Summer Swimming Pool Safety

Did you know that 68% of small children that drown, were never expected to be in or near the water at that time? The American Red Cross want you to be aware, and follow some guidelines for Summer pool safety.

Securing your pool with appropriate barriers is a first line of defense against accidental drowning. Fence your pool and install child safety latches on the gate.

If you are having a pool party where young children will be present, designate a “water watcher”, kind of a personal life guard for the entire time your party lasts and guests are in the pool. This is an important role and should be taken seriously. Also, keep all small children at arms length from an adult that is strong enough to pull them from the water is needed.

Install anti-entrapment drain covers and safety release systems to protect against little ones getting stuck below the water line. A water movement sensor alarm is also a great tool for when the pool is not in use and can alert you if a child, or even a pet falls into your pool. These can be purchased for less than $200 and are well worth the peace of mind.

When your pool is not going to be used for any extended period of time (like you being on vacation, of closed for the season, be sure to install a cover to keep anyone form getting in the water.

Lastly, if a child is noticed missing, check the pool first. Many children are saved by a quick thinking adult who is able to pull them out quickly.

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