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Safety Guidelines for your Pool

There is a state guideline for pool safety and maintenance that can be found at the Mississippi dot gov website and we are providing the link here …

This information is primarily for public swimming pools of course, but some of the information is important to adhere to, even for your small above ground or in-ground private pool.

For instance, we also recommend having a “Shepard’s Hook” and ring float with rope available at your private pool. This safety measure saves many lives each year. Also, any unfortunate “accident” of an unsanitary nature should follow the protocol outlined in the state document. For in-ground pools, the drain cover safety precautions are solid advice and should be followed.

The chemical levels are at standards set for public safety and may be slightly higher than you are used to, but definitely a good rule of thumb if you are having guests over often in your pool.

Bottom line is that pools are meant for fun with family and friends, provide a great way to cool off, get some sun and offer a little exercise. Just remember to always be safe, and encourage others using your pool to do so also. Keep you pool clean and free of debris, maintain proper Ph and chemical balance and your pool experience will be the best it can be.

If you have any questions regarding pool safety, chemical treatments or advice for opening and closing your pool seasonally, just call Backyard Paradise Pools in Saucier, MS. We can also handle the complete installation and maintenance of your pool. Call and speak to one of our expert representatives today at 228-687-8133

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