Rain – How it affects your pool

We all love the smell of a rain shower. That clean smell that has inspired shampoos, body wash and candle scents takes us to another place. But the truth about rain water is a little less desirable. Rain here in the US (definitely here in MS) is decidedly a bad thing for your pool. We suffer from acid rain, due to pollutants and airborne chemicals, and acid is never a good thing for your swimming pleasure.

When rainwater and ‘run off’ enters the pool, it can drastically change the pH, calcium hardness and total dissolved solids (TDS) in your pool.

Higher than normal acid levels can eat away at plaster and metal fittings in and around you pool, so a near constant monitoring of acid levels in your pool is critical for the life of your investment.

Rain water can bring dirt and debris with it also, causing problems for filtration. This is especially true if the rainwater comes off a deck, over your landscaping or other structure into your pool. This is where the TDS can come from, so back flushing is required for filters.

A heavy rain can also add so much water to your pool that your skimmers become ineffective. This will require you to draw down the water level. Do this by bypassing your filter and dumping waste water directly out of the pool until the desired level is reached.

If you have any other questions regarding chemical balance or advice for opening and closing your pool seasonally, just call Backyard Paradise Pools in Saucier, MS. We can also handle the complete installation and maintenance of your pool. Call to speak with one of our expert representatives today at 228-687-8133

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