Pool Time: Safe Kids Are Happy Kids

Summer is here and in the hot Gulf Coast region there is no better time to be had than with family and friends gathered around the backyard pool. Warmer temperatures, bring families, neighbors, and communities together for seemingly endless days of pure fun in the water. Summer barbeques, sleep-overs and picnics around the pool make memories, and at Backyard Paradise Pools, we want them to be happy memories filled with fun. In order to ensure that, we’d like you to remember these three recommendations for you and your family.

It is no secret that swimming pools can come with some hazards. So read on for some simple tips on how to keep the fun going on around your pool this summer without any accidents.

1. Pool Screen or Fences.

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Children are usually safe and supervised around the pool when multiple family members are using it, but there is always a possibility of a young child wandering out to your pool unsupervised. A simple way to keep small children out is an inexpensive pool screen. The screens also keep out unwanted pests, so actually serve a dual purpose in protecting your little ones from stings and bites. Most communities require a childproof fence around the perimeter of an inground pool, but even if yours does not, it is a smart idea to prevent unauthorized access and potential problems. FamilyEducation.com recommends that these barriers be at least four feet tall. Make sure that these barriers are sealed or closed at all times that you are not using your pool. The best way to handle accidents this summer, is to prevent any accidents from happening in the first place.

2. Don’t Forget The Water Wings

Another great way to ensure pool safety this summer is with floatation devices. If there are kids around your pool, especially if they are guests and you are not entirely confident in their swimming abilities, this is a great way to protect them and have peace of mind. We all remember our arm floaties from when we were little and got comfortable with the water, and those are still a viable option today. For greater security, life vests are available in sizes for nearly all ages and as the pool owner, it is perfectly acceptable for you to require guests to wear them. Floatation devices are an easy way to keep every member of your family happy and safe around the pool, even the furry ones. There are many options today for doggy floatation, puppies for instance may benefit from a little floating help.

3. Block Those Rays!

The sun may not pose any immediate danger for your youngsters, but sunburns are no fun, and of course, there is the long-term risk of skin cancer. Thankfully, both the short term and long term effects of sun damage are easily prevented with sunscreen. Make sure to have some sunscreen on hand that has an SPF of 30 or more and remind your guests to reapply every two hours, even on cloudy days, or if your pool is screened. For family members with extra fair or sensitive skin, look into purchasing zinc oxide and apply it to areas of their face and body that are most prone to sunburn.

Pool safety can be a simple endeavor, as long as you take the time to prevent accidents instead of handling them after they occur. Pool barriers, floatation devices, and proper sunscreen application are all it takes to enjoy a perfect day at your backyard pool.
If you are looking to kick back and enjoy the relaxing summer you’ve been waiting for all year long, call Backyard Paradise Pools today, and you’ll be floating in the crystal clear waters of your own personal oasis in no time.

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