New Pool in 2021? Start Planning Now!

Summer may be over, and with it, the swimming pool season. For those who own pools, this is generally the time of year when they close it up and stop thinking about it for a season. But, if you are not lucky enough to already own a pool, but dream like Clark Griswold of spending summer days with your family in one, now is the time to START thinking about that swimming pool! If you’d like to be swimming by Memorial Day, it is not too early to begin planning during the fall or winter months. it is actually the best time of year to begin designing and planning your new swimming pool. People who are swimming by late Spring generally hire Backyard Paradise Pools sometime between September and October.

Clark Griswold dreams of his new pool …

Many homeowners take into account the time that it takes to dig and install a swimming pool, but are unaware of the steps involved before the installation even begins. Every project is different, but we generally recommend allowing one to two months for the design to be prepared and finalized and then another one to two months for permitting to be completed. If you start in October, you can be digging in late fall or at the very least, be the first on the schedule for the following spring.

So don’t delay, call Backyard Paradise Pools today to be swimming at home next Summer!

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