Home Value With A Pool

How much is your home worth with an added swimming pool? That depends on who you ask. Realtors we asked recently discussed how a swimming pool can affect the value of the property. They had mixed opinions on the subject. There are several factors that go into the decision on whether or not to install a pool. But whether for a financial investment or a lifestyle choice, no matter who you ask, everyone agrees that a pool is an excellent fixture for a hot summer day.


From a financial stand point, Installing a swimming pool can be a large investment. Above-ground swimming pools average between $6,000-7,000 to install, and an in-ground pool can cost between $18,000-22,000. Of course, depending on design, you can spend more or less, but these are safe guidelines. The good news is that most Realtors agree that homeowners can expect to make back between 30-50% on their initial investment in home value. That does not include maintenance, but there are tax benefits to owning a pool as well. But when choosing to add a pool, there is more to consider than just numbers.


Swimming pools can add more value to your home than just a place to cool off in the summer. With the help of landscape design, they also offer improved visual appeal to your home. Vanishing edges, waterfalls, slides and rock formations can make your pools much more appealing than just a swimming hole. It adds to the visual value, making your home more attractive to potential buyers interested in that lifestyle.

So, how much is your house worth with a swimming pool? It all depends on your perspective. With a pool, you add an ambiance to your home, a landscape feature that simply can’t be beat. Plus, you will have no problem convincing friends and family to come over for a barbecue or party. Have any other pool questions answered by the professionals at Backyard Paradise Pools in Saucier, MS We can handle the complete installation and maintenance of your new pool. Call and speak to one of our reps today at 228-493-7665

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