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Bugs In Your Pool? How To Get Rid Of Them.

To a lot of bugs, birds and other creatures, your pool looks as inviting to them as it does to you. Some for drinking, some to cool off … others … (Gasp!) to lay their eggs. Blech!

The two types of bugs that like to lay eggs in pool algae are Water Boatmen and Backswimmers. One of these is worse than the other … read on.

Waterboatmen eat and lay eggs in algae. I some regards, they are beneficial as they do eat algae and you don’t want algae in your crystal clean pool. Of note, if you can’t see any algae, but have Water Boatmen, you have algae. You can’t see it yet because spores are microscopic at first, but the boatmen know they are there. Water Boatmen are greenish brown and have longer legs that they paddle or “walk on water” with, hence their name.

Water Boatman

They are harmless to humans, are not poisonous and do not bite, they are just unsightly. Removing a few with your skimmer is usually not that big of a deal, and they fly too, so will probably lift off when you try. To keep them from returning, you need to shock the algae spores from your pool.

Backswimmers are another story. They do not eat algae, but do lay eggs in it. They are also carnivorous and eat other bugs, including your friend the Water Boatmen. They also will bite YOU (actually stab you with their mouth parts), and it hurts as much as a bee sting! These guys usually swim upside down under the surface.


Removing all traces of algae from your pool is the best method of keeping these and other bugs that are attracted to it from entering your pool in the first place. So be on the lookout for these to early warning bugs. If you start to see them in any number over a couple here and there, shock your pool per manufacturers guidelines to keep the pesky critters from returning in swarms.

If you have any questions regarding algae formation, chemical treatments for bugs or advice for opening and closing your pool seasonally, just call Backyard Paradise Pools in Saucier, MS. We can also handle the complete installation and maintenance of your pool. Call to speak with one of our expert representatives today at 228-687-8133

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