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Mother with son lying in bed and look in their electronic device

A Pool With A Purpose

Would you love to get your kids off their digital devices and out into the great outdoors? We have all been cooped up for weeks and weeks thanks to a global pandemic and thankfully, the digital age allowed us (and our kids) to continue to receive education and entertainment through those devices.  But now it’s…

Covid Water

Is your pool safe from Covid-19?

With the spread of COVID-19 forcing closures and cancellations at churches, theme parks, festivals, concerts and sporting events, many people face the prospect of a low-key “staycation” for spring and summer this year. That leaves swimming pools as one of the last bastions of fun at home while people practice social distancing and self-quarantine to…

Rain on pool

Rain – How it affects your pool

We all love the smell of a rain shower. That clean smell that has inspired shampoos, body wash and candle scents takes us to another place. But the truth about rain water is a little less desirable. Rain here in the US (definitely here in MS) is decidedly a bad thing for your pool. We…


Fun Pool Floats for the 2020 pool season

Forget those tired old pool noodles and cabana floats this year, try one of these adventurous flotation devices for the 2020 season. From the clever to absurd, funny, political or just plain weird, these floats will have your friends fighting over which one to ride. All of these floats can be purchased at various online…

Bugs in pool

Bugs In Your Pool? How To Get Rid Of Them.

To a lot of bugs, birds and other creatures, your pool looks as inviting to them as it does to you. Some for drinking, some to cool off … others … (Gasp!) to lay their eggs. Blech! The two types of bugs that like to lay eggs in pool algae are Water Boatmen and Backswimmers.…

Pool chemical balance

Pool Chemicals – The Perfect Balance.

According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC) the balance between chlorine and pH (your disinfection team) provides the perfect balance for protection against recreational water illnesses. The CDC says these two chemical parameters are intimately linked: Adjusting one affects the other, so a balance is what is needed to maximize effectiveness of both. For example,…


Should I leave Water In My Pool This Winter?

Most pool manufacturers and companies like Backyard Paradise Pools will tell you that you should only lower the water below the skimmer level and the jets of your pool so that all of the plumbing lines are clear and don’t face the risk of freezing and bursting. Leaving the majority of the water in your…


Safety Guidelines for your Pool

State guidelines can help with FREE document.

Big Pool

The Perfect Sized Pool – For You.

How big should your pool be?


Home Value With A Pool

How much is your home worth with an added swimming pool? That depends on who you ask. Realtors we asked recently discussed how a swimming pool can affect the value of the property. They had mixed opinions on the subject. There are several factors that go into the decision on whether or not to install…