Retractable Pool Covers 2023

Retractable Pool Covers 2023

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New Pool in 2021? Start Planning Now!

Summer may be over, and with it, the swimming pool season. For those who own pools, this is generally the time of year when they close it up and stop thinking about it for a season. But, if you are not lucky enough to already own a pool, but dream like Clark Griswold of spending…

Pool Closure

It’s Fall Y’all, Time to Close Up Your Pool!

Fall is here. So it is definitely time to start thinking about closing your swimming pool for the winter. At Backyard Paradise Pools, we are here to help by giving you a few pointers on how to close your pool quickly and easily by following a few simple guidlines. Before you actually put a lid…

Fall Pool

Dog Days Are Past … Time For a New Pool

As Summer winds down and the hottest dog days of summer are behind us it is time to start thinking of the fall. By the way, do you know why they are called the dog days of summer? They were historically the period following the heliacal rising of the star system Sirius (the Dogs stars),…

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Summer Swimming Pool Safety

Did you know that 68% of small children that drown, were never expected to be in or near the water at that time? The American Red Cross want you to be aware, and follow some guidelines for Summer pool safety. Securing your pool with appropriate barriers is a first line of defense against accidental drowning.…


Summer Fun With Your Own Pool!

It’s not too late. There’s still plenty of time. Backyard Paradise Pools can install and fill a pool in your backyard in plenty of time to enjoy family pool time, safe at home this year. Our designers will survey your property, discuss landscaping options, pool sizes and configurations, help you decide whether chlorine or saltwater…

Mother with son lying in bed and look in their electronic device

A Pool With A Purpose

Would you love to get your kids off their digital devices and out into the great outdoors? We have all been cooped up for weeks and weeks thanks to a global pandemic and thankfully, the digital age allowed us (and our kids) to continue to receive education and entertainment through those devices.  But now it’s…

Covid Water

Is your pool safe from Covid-19?

With the spread of COVID-19 forcing closures and cancellations at churches, theme parks, festivals, concerts and sporting events, many people face the prospect of a low-key “staycation” for spring and summer this year. That leaves swimming pools as one of the last bastions of fun at home while people practice social distancing and self-quarantine to…

Rain on pool

Rain – How it affects your pool

We all love the smell of a rain shower. That clean smell that has inspired shampoos, body wash and candle scents takes us to another place. But the truth about rain water is a little less desirable. Rain here in the US (definitely here in MS) is decidedly a bad thing for your pool. We…


Fun Pool Floats for the 2020 pool season

Forget those tired old pool noodles and cabana floats this year, try one of these adventurous flotation devices for the 2020 season. From the clever to absurd, funny, political or just plain weird, these floats will have your friends fighting over which one to ride. All of these floats can be purchased at various online…