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A Pool With A Purpose

Would you love to get your kids off their digital devices and out into the great outdoors? We have all been cooped up for weeks and weeks thanks to a global pandemic and thankfully, the digital age allowed us (and our kids) to continue to receive education and entertainment through those devices. 

But now it’s time to try to unhook, to free ourselves from the multiple screens that have been our new normal and embrace the fresh air, while still being socially distant and responsible. Nothing solves this conundrum like a family pool. The disinfecting properties of a properly maintained pool kills viruses anyway, but the sheer enjoyment of splashing around with your family in a safe, fun environment is the answer to the cabin fever we have all been living with.

Do you love nothing more in the summertime than hosting backyard barbecues? Let Backyard Paradise Pools create the perfect outdoor entertainment space. You can put grilling and smoking stations, a TV viewing area, outdoor games and more around a pool, for an oasis you’ll never want to leave!

Imagine your friends and family relaxing to the sound of kids splashing in the pool while enjoying your Bar-B-Que! Your space will be the talk of the neighborhood, and the envy of all who see it. A private enclave that takes maximum effect from the craftsmanship of a well designed and installed pool by Backyard Paradise Pools.

Adding a pool is an innovative way to set your home apart from all others, while improving on nature itself. Water soothes the soul, adds negative ions to the air you breath and can enhance the beauty, curb appeal and value of your home and property.

Ready to be more relaxed, improve your property value, beat cabin fever and make your family happy?  Call Backyard Paradise Pools today for a no obligation assessment of your property to see what type of pool will work for you and a free quote at 228-493-POOL (7665)

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